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Protect your IT infrastructures, assets and trade secrets with our 360 degree security approach to successfully design your company’s digital transformation.

Why Cyber Security affects every business

Cyber security has never been a greater challenge: As the opportunities by increasing digitization rise, so does the potential for attacks from the web. Organizations are faced with the challenge of positioning themselves resiliently against hacker attacks, malware and operational security incidents – ideally before the business is damaged.

In addition to expertise, this requires constant vigilance and responsiveness. Because the cyber world is constantly on the move: Hackers are attacking more and more individually in order to obtain sensitive data and extort ransom. Holistic and sustainable security measures are therefore essential for the future viability and cyber resilience of every company.

Our products and services for your IT Security

DGC’s AG high-performance products and services were developed by our IT security experts in Northern Germany and continuously improved with a view to the challenges of the digital future. In this way, we meet the highest standards in terms of trustworthiness, security and timeliness.


Discover old and new threats and determine the security standard of your own IT infrastructures compared to your own industry: You can do this particularly quickly with our cyberscan.io security software, as data is analyzed automatically.


Adopt the perspective of an attacker with simulated hacker attacks and uncover possible points of attack in your system landscapes with our security analysts. Penetration testing allows you to optimize security processes and prevent cyber incidents.

Cyber Defense Operation Center (CDOC)

The more diverse the threat situation, the more important it is to keep a clear head. Our Cyber Defense team monitors your IT security to provide comprehensive support and advice – from vulnerability assessment to emergency response and data recovery.

Security Awareness Trainings

Nine out of ten cyber attacks start with the human factor. With our Awareness Trainings and Phishing Simulations, you create a common security awareness in your company and show your employees how to protect themselves and the company’s IT.

Modular Cyber Security Partnerships

Customize your security package and choose exactly the products and services your company needs for all-around IT protection. In this context, we speak of Cyber Security Partnerships, because IT security as a highly sensitive task can best be realized in close cooperation.

Cyber Security: Figures, facts & trends

New risks and security issues are shaping the digital world of work.
Prepare yourself with current figures and developments.

Hackers take advantage of the Pandemic

Cybercrime as a whole has increased by 600 percent since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Human Error Factor

Almost one in two companies (48 percent) experienced a data leak last year because employees had too broad access rights.

More Digital Extorsion

Ransomware attacks show a 93 percent increase in 2021. A new incident in which malware is used to extort a ransom occurs every 14 seconds.

Huge Costs due to Data Leaks

The average financial damage of a data breach is
$3,86 million worldwide.

Malware on the Rise

An average of 322,000 new variants are created every day. In 2020, the BSI registered almost 7 million reports of malware infections to German network operators.

More Remote Access to Confidential Data

In 2020, up to 20.000 bot infections of systems that allow attackers to remotely access systems and data, were registered in Germany every day.

Economic Damage due to Phishing

Every minute, phishing attacks via fake websites, emails or short messages cause financial damage of around €14,500.

Data Breaches

According to estimates, 24,3 million patient records worldwide were freely accessible on the internet in 2020 – a serious violation to data protection rights.

„We enable companies to shape their digital transformation securely and create awareness of the potential dangers from the internet. This is best achieved when we work together on a long-term basis and in a spirit of trust.“

Managing Director and Founder Matthias Nehls

Our 360 degree approach for assistance and prevention of cyber attacks

Increasing risks from the network can only be faced strategically: DGC AG relies on a “Made in Germany” 360 degree cyber security approach to ensure the highest security standards in your company. Our holistic approach is based on the fundamental pillars – Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover – of the renowned NIST Cyber Security Framework for optimizing IT security in companies.


We identify the vulnerabilities in your system.


We protect you and your company and help you to close vulnerabilities quickly and sustainably.


We detect problems and anomalies in real time in our Cyber Defense Operation Center.


By continuously monitoring and preparing for emergencies, we are able to respond quickly to incidents.


We are also there for you during and after cyber attacks to recover data and secure traces.

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