Cyber Security:
Making digital
transformation secure

We manage the risks of your digital transformation

Our Mission

As one of the leading providers of cyber security, the DGC supports companies in taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the digital transformation – and in minimizing the associated risks.

With our holistic approach and our own products, we ensure a comprehensive cyber security and IT related risk management. Whether through a simulated hacker attack, a cyber security awareness training, advice on security standards or emergency services in the event of IT security incidents: With us you receive comprehensive solution packages for your cyber security – customized, up-to-date and from a single source.

We create

Awareness for Cyber Security

Data leak, phishing attempt or AI related threats: What risks are companies exposed to in the event of attacks from the net? What are the IT weaknesses? We raise awareness on potential dangers and show how the cyber security could be optimized. 

Digital Resilience

To respond to cyber attacks before they damage the company: Companies need to take action today in order to be able to respond to attacks tomorrow. As a strategic, tactical and operational ally we share our expertise and do everything we can to make you resistant and empower you for defensive response activities.


After revealing the weaknesses that could have a damaging impact on your business, we identify optimization potentials: This makes every IT risk editable to facilitate remediation. The goal is the comprehensive network security of your company.

We minimize

IT Vulnerabilities

IT threat situations are mostly complex and not visible to the companies. We show you the weak points and support you in better fending off cyber attacks in the future. With our technique and tactics we are always one step ahead.

Attack Potentials

Better identifying and assessing dangers and risks from the network is the first step towards cyber security. We will show you how to do this in our IT security awareness training courses. Furthermore, in case of an emergency, we will help you to defend yourself appropriately.


In the event of a cyber attack, many companies still react erratically and thoughtlessly. It is our task to create awareness of the situation and to minimize uncertainties. For us, creating cyber security means to enable you to act decisively.

We secure

IT Infrastructures

Digital infrastructures constitute the backbone of every company. We are your reliable security partner, who uncovers the risks in the network – inside and outside – and manage them to protect your network services including decentralized ways of working.

Company Assets

We support companies to ensure that only the information which should be available is available. In this way, the company value – in the form of assets, sensitive data or (capital) investments – is effectively secured.

Trade Secrets

Intellectual property and confidential processes are essential for companies to remain competitive. We protect your valuable information and ensure that only unrestricted or clearly identified data is accessible.

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DGC Milestones

  • Opening of the sixth DGC office in Abu Dhabi

    Opening of the sixth DGC office in Abu Dhabi/Dubai, to further advance DGC’s expansion and enter the international market.

  • Opening of the fifth DGC office in Zurich

    Opening of the fifth DGC office in Zurich – in order to serve Swiss customers even more intensively on site and to further develop the European market.

  • Opening of the Innovation Hub & Campus in Flensburg

    The DGC moves into another office in Flensburg – the Innovation Hub & Campus. The new office on Wittenberger Weg extends over 1,000 m² and offers plenty of space for the constantly growing number of employees.

  • Implementation of the Security Operations Center

    IT monitoring is being expanded.  All IT infrastructures from DGC’s customers were integrated into the Security Operations Center, in order to comprehensively protect them.  

  • Opening of further offices in Flensburg and Berlin

    The DGC expands and creates 56 new jobs in the areas of cyber security, marketing and sales. Additional offices were added in Flensburg and a new office in Berlin was opened.  

  • Membership in the Alliance for Cybersecurity and in the Federal Association for IT Security

    The DGC becomes member of the Cyber security Alliance (Allianz für Cybersicherheit) and the Federal Association for IT-security (Tele Trust e. V.), in order to shape and strengthen the German cyber security along with many other experts.  

  • The DGC team continues to grow

    The team grows: With a growing number of employees, the new company headquarters in Flensburg were immediately occupied – a modern office building with a view of the fjord directly at the yacht harbor in Sonwik. The most important was to respond to the growing demands.  

  • Launch of®

    The first DGC software,®, comes onto the market: Penetration tests as well as IT infrastructure monitoring are now fully automated to offer companies significant security advantages.  

  • Foundation of the German Association for Cyber Security

    The DGC (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Cybersicherheit, German Association for Cyber Security) is officially founded. Comprehensive IT security tests (penetration tests) representing the core business, as the world is becoming more digital – and thus more risky.  

  • Foundation of Schlei-media GmbH

    Matthias Nehls founds Schlei-media GmbH, which offers services and products in the areas of IT, internet and telecommunication and in a couple of years gets transferred to the DGC (German Association for Cyber Security). As the new company name suggests, the cyber security comes into focus due to evolving digital change.  

Corporate Culture

We are not only continuously developing our products and services in the field of cyber security, but also our organization. For us, New Work, New Mindset and New Methods are not just current buzzwords, but the values we live every day.

Our work culture is characterized by flexible hierarchies because our employees can ideally develop their diverse potential. This benefits our modular partnership program, our product portfolio – and above all: The cyber security of our customers.

DGC Unternehmen Campus Wittenberger Weg


„As one of the leading companies in the industry, we ensure that the quality of our work and the way we work with our customers stand out from the competition. Therefore, we are permanently questioning our status quo.“


„If we take on a task or make promises to each other or to our clients, we keep them.“


„We have the possibility to decide and act independently. This comes with a high degree of self-responsibility.“


„In order to further develop the market and the status quo of cyber security in companies, we courageously address the truth – even if it’s uncomfortable.“

Sophia Dureck

Product Manager

Gulistan Coskun


Carsten Winter

Web- and Graphic Designer

Paul Dreyer

Software Entwickler

33 years

Average age





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Management Board

Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter und Gründer

Matthias Nehls

Managing Director, Shareholder and Founder

Dino Huber

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Eva Gattnar

Chief Operating Officer

Andreas Pankow

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Technical Officer

Janek Maiwald

Chief Technical Officer

DGC Locations

We provide cyber security from various locations in Germany, Switzerland and the Middle East. So that the focus is on the opportunities of digital transformation – rather than on the risks.


Am Fördeufer 1b
24944 Flensburg

Political Affairs

Pariser Platz 3
10117 Berlin

Innovation Hub & Campus

Wittenberger Weg 30
24941 Flensburg

Administrative Office

Harniskai 11
24937 Flensburg

Zürich Office

Beethovenstrasse 7
8002 Zürich

Abu Dhabi Office

Floor 3, Royal Group Building, Salam Street, Ministries Complex, PO BOX: 53543, Abu Dhabi, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate


As members to diverse institutions and associations we contribute our expertise and constantly exchange with other experts in the field of cyber security and data protection. Together we want to increase the cyber security.