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Your application at DGC AG

Have you found your dream job among our job offers – or would you like to apply on your own initiative to work with us on cybersecurity?
Then you probably still have questions. Here you can find out more about how to join us.

Questions & Answers
about the application process

Before you apply to us, take a look at out our answers to frequently asked questions about the application process.

You will find out which documents we need from you, which application methodes are available and when you can expect our feedback:

Why is an application at DGC AG beneficial?

DGC AG helps companies leverage the opportunities of their own digital transformation and minimize the associated risks. We are on the good side of digital transformation. There’s never a dull moment: we’re constantly working to optimize our products and services to stay ahead of cybercriminals and meet our customers’ needs. It’s also worth applying because we’re growing and we’re always on the lookout for talented people who want to work with us to ensure IT security.

How do I apply for a job at DGC AG?

Your application should be as digital as our working world: That’s why we only accept online applications – in two ways. You can send your documents via e-mail to or use the online form in our job offers section on the website. You can reach us easily and directly via both channels. We look forward to receiving your application!

Can I apply for multiple jobs at the same time?

This is possible. However, we recommend that you apply for no more than two job openings to ensure the best possible match between your skills and our requirements. It always makes sense to apply if you largely cover the requirements specified in the job posting through your previous work experience.

Are the vacancies advertised up to date and are there application deadlines?

At DGC AG, there are generally no application deadlines. We prefer to wait an extra month to find the perfect person to fit a position. So you’re welcome to apply as long as a position is visible – that’s when it’s current. As soon as it has been filled, it no longer appears in our job offers or on the relevant job portals.

Which application documents are required?

We want to keep the application process quick and uncomplicated. Therefore, you do not need a cover letter for your application at DGC AG. Your current resume is much more important for us to get to know you. In the technical area, references, certificates and work references are also useful to show your knowledge and skills. However, we can also ask for these documents later.
Your application should also include your desired salary and the notice period for your current job. So that we know when you are ready to start and what your financial expectations are. You can enter both pieces of information in the online form in the job ads section or write them in your e-mail. Depending on which application method you choose.

The right form of address in the application process – “You (Sir or Madam)” or “You (first name)”?

At DGC AG, we consistently use “You (first name)” because we strive for a friendly dialog without any detours. That’s why we also address you here in the career section on our website with a friendly “You”. If you like, you can use this form of address for your first application steps. If you find this difficult before your first personal contact, an initial “you (Sir or Madam)” is of course also perfectly acceptable.

Who is the right contact person for my application?

If you have any questions about the application process, you can reach us at: By e-mail or by phone +49 461 995838-0.

Do I always receive feedback after applying? If so, how long does it take?

Our aim is to respond promptly with an acceptance or rejection. Generally, this happens within two weeks – so you know where you stand.

I can’t find a current job offer that fits my profile – can I submit an unsolicited application?

We are always on the lookout for new employees who fit in with us both professionally and personally. So send us your unsolicited application and show us why you are a real added value for DGC AG. We look forward to receiving your complete documents by e-mail to:
If you wish, we can include you in our talent pool: This way, you will be informed about new job offers by e-mail.

What makes us special: Working at DGC AG

Want to know what sets DGC AG apart as an employer? Check out “About us” to learn more about our working culture and values. A special team spirit, flat hierarchies and entrepreneurial action – these facts are already revealed – being values that we share and fill with life on a daily basis.

DGC Teamwork

What you need to know for your job interview at DGC AG

You’ve received an invitation to a job interview and are wondering how you can best prepare for it?
We’ll tell you what job interviews at DGC AG look like, how many rounds of interviews you should be prepared for, and what we want to discuss with you:

Dos & Don’ts
at the Job Interview –
Advice from our HR Team

Job interviews are about getting to know each other on both sides. And this works best when both sides are authentic. So be yourself in the interview, show character and be happy to talk about your strengths as well as possible goals.

A no-go would be to slip into a role just to fit the job. We strive for a two-way match: You and DGC AG should be a good match, working together to advance the interests of our fast-growing company. In other words, we prefer likeable rough edges to perfectionism.

How does the application process proceed at DGC AG?
How many interview rounds exist, who is involved?

After your online application, you will receive a confirmation of receipt by e-mail. If your documents convince us, we will invite you to a first video call or a personal interview within two weeks.

In general, you can expect two rounds of interviews; in rare exceptions, there may be three. Depending on the team and function, you will have the interviews either with your future team members, the relevant supervisor or directly with the management.

You should be able to get to know the people you will later work directly with – and in turn, they should get to know you. The goal is to exchange ideas about tasks, ways of working and values, and to find out whether you fit together.

The selection of new employees is an important matter for us, so that together we can achieve the best possible results for our customers’ cybersecurity. To ensure this, we bring together diverse skills, resumes and mindsets as much as possible and place great value on a positive working environment.

Are there any additional selection procedures such as assessment centers, case studies or tests?

We do not organize assessment centers, but we do conduct tests and case studies depending on the position and specialist area. In this way, we want to give you the opportunity to show your strengths and specialist skills. For example, it has been established that we set a job-related task during the first interview, which is solved directly on the spot. Often, we also give you another question to take home, the result of which will be discussed in the follow-up interview. This proves to be useful from pentesting to marketing because it is directly about the matter and thus about required skills for the position to be filled.
Depending on the area and requirements, we sometimes even ask you to take an online motivation test. In this way, you learn a lot about yourself, your way of working and your motives in life. And we find out whether your skills and strengths “match” those of your new team members – and we in turn match you.

How should I prepare for the interview?

It certainly makes sense to familiarize yourself in advance with our company, our products and the tasks mentioned in the job advertisement. For this, feel free to look on our website, subscribe to our social media channels and check out the CyberInsights blog. In this way, you will already find out in the preparation phase whether our mission and way of working appeal to you. The application process is not a one-way street: You should also use this phase for your own questions – preferably in a personal interview.
Apart from that, it is important to us that you are authentic in the interview. We want to get to know you as you truly are: this is the basis for a trusting working relationship later on. Talk openly about your strengths and skills that you want to put into practice in your new job. You can do this, for example, by presenting a problem that you have already successfully solved.

I’m nervous in the job interview – how should I deal with it?

Being nervous is human and nothing negative – it often arises when a matter is particularly important to us. Therefore, feel free to deal with it openly if you are nervous. Often the situation loosens up when you talk about it and the interview still takes a successful direction.

What are typical contents of a job interview?

The classic contents of a first meeting to get to know each other are the advertised area of responsibility, your person, experiences and skills, the new area of responsibility and your future team. We strive for an open dialog in which all participants are involved.

In person or online: What format does an interview take?

Whether we meet in person or via video call depends on general conditions such as your current place of residence and your future area of responsibility. We are not only looking for new employees for our headquarters in Flensburg. For example, in the sales area it is advantageous if our team – like our customer network – is widely distributed. This determines the format for the interview.
Whenever possible, we are happy to invite you to an interview in the far north to get to know you in person. At the latest for onboarding, you will be on site in Flensburg to get to know the entire team, your field of activity and our way of working even better.

Salary negotiation: When and how is the salary discussed?

This varies. In general, we can state that if you mention your desired salary right away in your application, we usually don’t discuss this topic until the second round of interviews, when your future supervisor is present.
If your online application does not include a salary request, we will probably ask you about it during the first interview – to see how we can match up in this regard. You should be prepared for this and be able to tell us your expectations.

When will I receive feedback on the interview?

We will get back to you one to two days after the respective interview and inform you about our decision. This gives you the opportunity to let the interview have its effect on you – but you don’t have to wait needlessly long for our feedback.

Discover our areas of responsibility

You want to know in which departments you can start your IT security career at DGC AG? Discover our six fields of activity. From working in software development, pentesting or Cyber Defense & Operation Center to jobs in sales, marketing or administration, a variety of tasks are waiting for you.

Onboarding: This is how familiarization phase works

Onboarding depends on the team and the area of responsibility. You will be accompanied by our HR department, which will plan your appointments and be always available to answer your questions. No matter where you will be working later, we always plan a stay of several days at our Flensburg headquarters at the beginning of the job. There, you will receive training on our products, as well as on the systems and applications we use daily, and gain insights into our company.

Of course, you will also get to know your team and the specifics of your area of responsibility. Interpersonal exchange is important to us and will also be of considerable value later when we exchange information via digital channels. The goal is to integrate you quickly and comprehensively into our team and to prepare you systematically for your tasks so that you are well prepared for your professional future.

Get to know your future colleagues

What is it like to work at DGC AG, what motivates our employees and what are they currently working on? Learn more from our teams:

Josephine Methling


Jürgen Sonntag

Senior Specialist
Digital Marketing

Mehmet Ersoy

Junior Software

Sophia Dureck

Product Management

Keyword data protection: For whom is your data visible – and how long is it stored?

DGC AG stands for IT security and also takes data protection requirements very seriously. Your personal data is visible to our responsible HR manager during the application process and is stored, processed and deleted in compliance with GDPR. Apart from our HR department, only directly involved employees have access to your data. Your personal information will, therefore, not be disclosed without your consent – and will not be stored for longer than three months.

If we are unable to offer you a job now, but are considering doing so in the future, we will ask you whether we can store your data for a further twelve months. This extended data storage is only done with your consent.

Any questions?
How to contact us

Do you have questions about your career opportunities or the application process at DGC AG? Then feel free to contact us by e-mail: or by phone: +49 461 995838-0

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