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DGC stands for IT Security and transparency. With our integral approach, which focuses on partnership with our clients, prevention and a modular selection of our products and services, we act as a leader in the market. We set new quality standards in cyber security and react particularly quickly and extensively as problem solvers for companies. We can only assure this with outstanding personnel.

In order to jointly achieve the best results possible for the cyber security of our customers, we bring various skills, CVs and mindsets together. What unites us is the shared sense of responsibility for our clients, for our products and ideas, which are developed together. We empower each other instead of living rigid hierarchies and career models. Thanks to our agile structures, our employees can make their own decisions, prove themselves and have room for further development.

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* the above benefits refer to Germany. Different regulations apply in other countries. You can find these directly in the corresponding job advertisements.

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The tasks at DGC are divided in six major areas:

Software development

As a Software Engineer for our market leading products in the field of cyber security, your will be involved in the entire cutting-edge software development.


As a Penetration Tester, you will show our clients how vulnerable the IT systems, applications and data are and expose IT weaknesses – with the aim of increasing the cyber security through concrete measures.

Cyber Defense & Operation Center

Work as an IT Security Analyst in our Cyber Defense & Operation Center (CDOC), which helps our customers strengthen cyber security with comprehensive attack monitoring and defense mechanisms.


As an employee in sales and in cooperation with our IT experts, you will support our customers with their challenges and offer them tailor-made solutions to increase their cyber security.

Marketing & PR

Design the presentation and positioning of our products and services as well as our company along the entire customer journey.


Rapid growth needs structure: Support our administration team in a variety of tasks that run in the DGC back office.

Voices from our teams

This is what Josephine
says about DGC as an employer:

#varied #exciting #challenging

Josephine Methling (30), has been working at the German Society for Cyber Security (DGC) since May 2021 – she started as Office Manager and now works as Executive Assistant. For her, the switch to the IT security industry and especially to DGC was the best decision of her professional life so far. Here, Josephine tells us why in the “Three Questions to…” format:

Why do you like working at DGC?

Cyber security is an exciting industry and a cutting-edge topic that no company can ignore today. That’s why I perceive the work of the DGC, and also my personal work, as particularly meaningful. We want to help companies get the most out of their digital transformation by minimizing associated risks. As the DGC itself is growing, there are also a variety of tasks and challenges at the organizational level that we as employees are actively helping to solve. We have very flat hierarchies; everyone can, may and should contribute. This is a lot of fun and offers the opportunity to continuously develop not only the DGC as an organization, but also yourself – for example, through targeted training and in working groups.

What characterizes the cooperation with your colleagues?

Our interaction in the team is familiar – we treat each other with respect and support each other in all matters. For me personally, the focus is on the exchange with my two superiors in management, which is characterized by trust and honesty. I was involved in processes and decisions from day one and was thus challenged and encouraged. So, I was quickly in the center of the action. I also like our culture of making mistakes: if there are any starting problems, we talk openly about them in order to find the best solution together. I didn’t know this kind of cooperation before, and I wouldn’t miss it today. That’s why changing my job to DGC was the best decision for me.

What does a typical working day look like as an executive assistant?

The exciting thing is: There is no typical workday for me. Due to the fact that DGC already has five locations in Germany, I travel a lot with my two supervisors. I usually spend three to four working days in our three Flensburg offices and one day in the Berlin office. In addition, we are currently setting up a new location in Cologne, where I will also be present more often in the future. It benefits me to be where my bosses are: This is the best way for me to ensure that they always go into meetings well-prepared and coordinate their scheduling in a direct exchange so that they can focus on their core tasks. Ergänzend dazu darf ich mich in Projektgruppen zu Zukunftsthemen der DGC einbringen, was wirklich toll ist, weil ich direkten Einblick in neue Vorhaben erhalte und unheimlich viel lerne.

This is what Jürgen
says about DGC as an employer:

#promising #motivating #innovative

As Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, Jürgen Sonntag (51) develops strategic measures for lead generation and successively increases DGC’s visibility in the digital landscape with the help of innovative analysis tools. In our “Three Questions to…” format, he tells us personally how he experienced onboarding during his induction in March 2021, why he enjoys working for DGC and what is special about our working culture.

How did you find out about your current job – and how did you experience onboarding?

I was approached through a career network by an HR consultancy that DGC was working with at that time. As soon as I read the job description, I had the feeling that the requirements matched my profile particularly well in terms of content and expertise. Then, I took a closer look at the industry and DGC as an employer and quickly realized that a move – I come from e-commerce – would be extremely promising. Cybersecurity is a top future issue facing every company worldwide.
My first impression that DGC and I would be a good match continued in the interview: unlike many companies, I met directly with the marketing team. Instead of typical trick questions, it was all about the matter at hand, and the atmosphere was appreciative and cordial. The subsequent onboarding process was seamless: I was accompanied by a colleague who told me lots of details about DGC and about the planned training courses, thus laying the foundation for my successful start.

What goals drive you as a Senior Digital Marketing Specialist?

In a nutshell, as a marketing specialist, I am concerned with the central question of how we can generate business digitally. To continuously drive this forward, we take a strategic approach to marketing. Shortly after I joined, I proposed the website relaunch to our team in order to adapt the company’s appearance at that time to our corporate goals – growth and internationalization. This also provided us with the necessary technical basis for process optimization and the use of analysis tools in the marketing area. I am currently focusing more on lead generation for sales: the new website, social media and content marketing offer great potential for this. In addition, the effectiveness of our measures and activities can be monitored transparently so that we can flexibly react if necessary.

Why would you choose DGC as an employer again?

In general, it feels very meaningful to work for DGC because we are “on the good side.” We take the position of cybercriminals with our IT security tools to expose their methods and tactics and proactively close vulnerabilities. In this way, we support companies in shaping their further digital transformation in a risk-minimized manner. Personally, I value DGC as an employer because many things are different here: self-reliant work and a high degree of freedom, for example regarding the chosen place of work, are values that we live by. This requires a great deal of trust, and it works so well at DGC because we all want to achieve a lot, think entrepreneurially, and are on fire for the topic of cybersecurity. I have always been looking for this kind of new corporate culture in my professional past.

This is what Mehmet
says about DGC as an employer:

#goal-oriented #careful #uptodate

From internship to permanent position: Mehmet Ersoy joined DGC while studying applied informatics – in the middle of 2020. In the meanwhile, as a Junior Software Engineer in the front-end team, he is responsible for the visual enhancement of the cyberscan.io® security tool to provide customers with a clear and efficient vulnerability management. In our “Three Questions to…” format, the 26-year-old talks about what it’s like to work for DGC.

Mehmet, what exactly do you deal with as a Junior Software Engineer?

The focus of my work is the visual representation of our security tool cyberscan.io®, which provides companies with an all-round view of vulnerabilities and security holes within their domains or IP addresses. So, it’s about the front end of the tool – what our customers see when they use it and what they work with to mitigate cyber risks. Our team wants to provide the best possible user experience when using cyberscan.io: That’s why we are continuously working on making the multitude of data, results and solutions converging there compact and clear, to ensure an easy and error-free handling. From the development of new templates to implementation, designers and software developers work closely together. In addition to a successful presentation, it is also about speed – making data available even faster in order to provide a particularly up-to-date overview of the respective hazard situation.

What would you like to achieve together with your team?

We as a team – and I personally – are driven to make DGC products even better. Our goal is that our customers can sleep peacefully – knowing that domains are being professionally monitored and that their own company is in best hands when it comes to IT security. In order to be able to constantly develop products further, we must start with ourselves. New technologies in general offer enormous potential for optimization – here we always want to be top informed and develop new knowledge in order to be able to work out innovative solutions. Another important basis for high-quality work is that we understand each other as a team. The best ideas come from working together in harmony. That’s why we place a lot of value on personal exchange and also like to laugh together.

Why did you decide to work for DGC?

I live near the Flensburg Fjord shore – where the first DGC location is located. So, it was rather by chance that I became aware of a visualization of cyberscan.io® in front of the DGC office. I was very interested in it and directly applied for an internship as part of my computer science studies. In addition, I had read in the media about the major bookbinder data leak that the DGC exposed in early 2020. With the help of cyberscan.io®, the colleagues had discovered that three million sensitive data records of individuals and companies were freely accessible on the Internet. That was a good hook for the interview, in which I felt very comfortable overall. After the internship, I joined as a working student and was also allowed to write my bachelor thesis at and about DGC. Subsequently, I switched to my current permanent position and am still very happy with it today. For me, DGC is a top employer that supports the personal development of its employees – this gave me the best possible start to my career.

This is what Sophia
says about DGC as an employer:

#flexible #team-oriented #open

Sophia Dureck (30) has been working at DGC since May 2020 and, as Product Manager, always keeps an eye on our products and services – with the aim of offering customer a complete protection of their IT systems. In order to optimally support customer inquiries and further developments of DGC products, she exchanges information with her colleagues in sales and technical development on a daily basis and keeps up to date with current events in the cyber world.

Sophia, what do you want to achieve as Product Manager for DGC and for your customers?

As a Product Manager, my goal is to always provide our customers with the best possible product for their IT security, to ensure all-round protection and to provide fast and comprehensive support in the event of a real cyber attack. The focus is on our cyber security partnerships – in other words, security packages in which we bundle our IT security tools and services individually to help the respective company optimize its security situation. To do this, DGC – and I in my position as Product Manager – must always be informed about current developments such as critical vulnerabilities. Our industry never stands still, which is why we continue to develop ourselves and our products in an agile and flexible manner. This enables us to meet market changes and customer requirements at short notice and to always be at the cutting edge of technology. In order to meet this demand, I work together with colleagues across disciplines and also keep an eye on pricing and the life cycle of our products.

Why is it never boring in your job?

Cyber security is a dynamic industry that is highly dependent on world events. My job is correspondingly exciting: Not a day goes by without a new request to product management – it’s my job to check exactly which further developments are important and necessary. One example of this is the critical Log4j vulnerability discovered in December 2021, which made big waves among companies worldwide. Here, we quickly and comprehensively assisted our customers and developed a special scanner for vulnerability detection and banishment. On the other hand, there are individual requests where we have to weigh up costs and benefits and explain them to the customer. My job is also versatile because it involves different areas: I act as a kind of mediator or interface between sales and our development department in order to provide the best possible support for customer inquiries and technical developments. I also provide my colleagues in Marketing with information about our products and services so that they can be communicated in a detailed, comprehensible and service-oriented manner.

How did you feel about the application process back then – what tips would you like to give potential new colleagues?

My application process at DGC was short and uncomplicated: After sending my documents, I was invited to an interview on a Friday, which turned into a lively conversation about my goals and motivation and about the work of the DGC. The following Monday, I received an acceptance letter. I agreed spontaneously because I liked the open and cordial atmosphere at the DGC from the very beginning. That’s why I would like to give interested people one thing above all: Be yourself, talk honestly about what you can do and what you bring to the table – and show where you want to go. DGC offers its employees a wide range of development opportunities. I started in sales, for example, and was involved in the development of our current main product, Cyber Partnerships, and planned pentesting projects, among other things. That’s how I learned a lot about our products and services, and then I moved into the product position I enjoy today. For this career path, I probably would have had to change the employer elsewhere. DGC offers its employees this potential internally, which is really great and motivating.

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