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Innovative hardware and software help companies to position themselves for the future – but due to their complexity, they are also susceptible to errors. Every day, new reports are published about IT vulnerabilities that cyber criminals can use to cause considerable damage in system landscapes.

Do you always know which of the reported security vulnerabilities are particularly critical for your company? And do you know how to mitigate the risks? Security experts in our Cyber Defense Operation Center (CDOC) – which you can think of as an enhanced version of a Security Operation Center – provide visibility and resilience.

What is CDOC?

The Cyber Defense Operation Center (CDOC) is our central security unit located in Germany, responsible for protecting your IT infrastructures. In order to identify risks at an early stage and secure your networks and publicly accessible systems against hackers, malware and data leaks, we offer particularly effective attack monitoring and defense.
Whether monitoring vulnerabilities and IT infrastructures, defending against cyber attacks or a preventive emergency strategy: To strengthen your security situation, the Cyber Defense team combines its own expertise, from various IT security areas, with an automated problem detection. By using our security tool®, a comprehensive view of your systems as well as of vulnerabilities is enabled and your ability to react is accelerated.

These are the services
offered by CDOC

Identify, assess and eliminate potential threats in time: With the modular services of our Cyber Defense Operation Center,
you can optimize your IT risk management and preserve your own resources.

Vulnerability Monitoring

As part of the monitoring service, we collect and analyze all vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructures and software systems with our® security tool. We promptly notify you by phone and email of those vulnerabilities that could become a problem for your company. Thanks to clear reports, you can take immediate action.

Security Advisory

From low to critical, vulnerability reports always include a general categorization of the threat situation (criticality).
Many companies consider this as the most important basis for action in their risk management. However, the risk posed by vulnerabilities must be assessed individually for each company: Frequently, a vulnerability in the medium threat category can be particularly relevant. Our Cyber Defense team monitors external sources on a daily basis and creates a DGC AG news feed. Based on this, we show you which vulnerabilities you should fix as soon as possible – and which priority you should assign to further vulnerability reports.

Security Incident Response

Thanks to CDOC you are prepared for the worst-case scenarios. Our experts react promptly to cyber attacks and advise remotely from our CDOC in Northern Germany or on-site at the company if desired. To identify and quickly close security gaps, we work closely with our pentesting experts who simulate attacks on your corporate network. Last but not least, we advise and support you in the creation of emergency concepts. So that you can preventively counteract future attacks from the network.

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