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Security Check for Your Assets

What® does

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Detect vulnerabilities by intelligently correlating real-time data with our sources.

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Make informed and more efficient decisions and continuously monitor your IT infrastructure.

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Benefit from centralization of security data and IT infrastructure through an intelligent role design.

Analyze your infrastructure
and your business partners

Cybersecurity has never been more challenging. Every day, new threats expose companies' security vulnerabilities, forcing them to buy more products and hire more talents. Such reactive approaches however lead to a growing complexity - another vulnerability that attackers can exploit. Cybersecurity – large or small scale – requires a holistic, informed approach. The DGC helps companies and organizations build this solid foundation.


Detect cyber risks in real time: Leverage the 200+ sources integrated in® rom various security tools and benefit from our Big Data repository.

Minimize incident impact: Accelerate vulnerability response through workflow automation based on the assessment of our security experts.

Gain visibility, on-premises or in the cloud: Centralize security data and IT infrastructure with®, the next-generation, all-in-one portal to gain comprehensive insights into current cyber threats.

Eco System Partner Model

Cyber Security Model

We conduct a continuous real-time monitoring of the Internet for the latest cyber risks, taking into account our partners' entire infrastructure (including all applications, corporate data and cloud) as well as the assets of the companies involved. In this way, the DGC ensures the most effective protection against cyberattacks across our partners' entire ecosystem. Together with our partners, we achieve the highest standard in cybersecurity.

The cloud-hosted® platform is a portal designed for security operations, allowing organizations to take control of any incident from alerting to remediation. The® engine integrates multiple security tools within itself and acts as a high-performance internal and external vulnerability and port scanner, which performs a complete inventory of all external assets (including cloud) of an enterprise. At the same time, the data obtained is fed into our S.O.C. (Security Operations Center) for further analysis and evaluation.® was developed by security experts for security experts and enables security teams to efficiently perform primary functions such as alert management, search, analysis, and reporting.

Risk Management
Use® as the technical backbone of risk analysis

The objective review of the entire ecosystem by means of®, which complies with the latest standards, enables an information advantage that enhances security-relevant decisions with a profound review of cyber security.

The use of® as a tool for risk analysis of IT infrastructures serves to clarify in advance whether the cyber security of future potential business partners meets the requirements of your company. Furthermore, there is also the option for subsequent inspection of a delivery or a project with regard to the agreed cybersecurity standards.

What® helps
you do at a glance:

  • Check in which way gateways and data leaks in your IT landscape can be exploited.
  • Trace your server locations and assign responsibilities.
  • Examine how many entry points and data leaks can be found in your business partners' IT landscape.
  • View industry benchmarks and cyber score cards and compare against the industry standard.
  • Pre-screen new business partners for the number of entry points and data leaks.
  • Export vulnerabilities, vulnerability history and Cyber Score Cards in order to integrate them into your own risk analysis.®
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Our® platform is the technical backbone of DGC partnerships and is therefore included in every one of them. The constantly growing data sets in combination with machine learning significantly increase the scanning performance.

Data sheet: Features

Integration and data storage

The independent and up-to-date review of the entire ecosystem by® provides an information advantage that enhances security-related decisions with a profound check of cybersecurity.

Integration of® - data storage in the cloud (BSI C5 standard)

Your advantages with®
Intelligent all-in-one cyber security made in Germany


All-in-one portal, directly from the cloud, accessible at any time without adjustments of the IT infrastructure within the customer periphery


Complete inventory of all external assets of a company incl. cloud, software, IP addresses and domains


Automatic verification of detected vulnerabilities and comparison of duplicate entries


Recommendations and hints on how to fix vulnerabilities within the portal


Reports and Score Cards in English and German, exportable in various formats


Integrated database for reconciliation of data leaks (so-called data breaches)


Immediate email notifications after new vulnerabilities are identified


High performance through continuous, automatic comparison of the entire inventory with newly reported vulnerabilities


Compliance: Data centers exclusively in Germany and the EU (BSI C5 standard)


Extensive authorization system for collaboration within complex organizations


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