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  • 07.03.2022About Us

    DGC supports IT security at TSG Hoffenheim

    Top performance and a keen awareness of security and cyber threats unite TSG Hoffenheim and DGC. Good reasons for a long-term partnership. Cyber security concerns us all: Strong partnerships and holistic security concepts against cybercrime have never been more important. Because: Targeted attacks and data espionage threaten critical infrastructures and cost the German economy billions …

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  • Die DGC expandiert
    13.01.2021About Us

    DGC expands

    The Flensburg-based company opens new offices and calls for applications for a total of 56 positions In December 2020, DGC moved to new offices in Flensburg and the new location in Berlin. DGC is an IT security company and focuses on detecting and assessing security vulnerabilities to protect companies from hacker attacks. The services and …

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  • 01.07.2020Vulnerabilities

    Open Git Directories compromise over 40,000 Websites in Germany

    DGC uses its software® to discover thousands of websites (23,395 domains and 41,252 subdomains) affected by an already known vulnerability in the so-called “.git directory”. In total, 6,927,416 domains and subdomains from Germany were scanned with extended routine scans. The problem here is a faulty configuration of the web server, which allows unauthorized persons …

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  • DGC Cybersicherheit in der Corona-Krise
    25.03.2020COVID crisis

    Cyber Security during the COVID Crisis

    We are all affected by this exceptional historical situation – the COVID-19 crisis shows the world its weaknesses. Globally, this opportunity is now being actively exploited by cybercriminals and hackers, because crises and trends are often the basis for manipulation tactics, such as malware attacks, social engineering and phishing. Cybercriminals seize the opportunity Currently, it …

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  • DGC-Buchbinder-Schwachstelle
    22.01.2020Data Leaks

    Buchbinder Data Leak – Huge Data Scandal discovered in Germany® found millions of personal data freely accessible on the Internet Using its® software, DGC has discovered the largest data breach in Germany to date. 3 million data records of individuals and companies were freely available on the Internet for anyone to view. These personal data records of the car rental company Buchbinder (Car …

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