Security Aware­ness Train­ings:
Do your em­ployees
know what to do in
case of an emer­gency?

Human intelligence is the best tool for defending against cyber attacks. With our training courses in the area of security awareness, you can equip yourself for increasing threats from the network and make your employees the human firewall of your company.

Why cyber awareness is
so important

The issue of cyber security has been a concern for companies not only since COVID. However, during the pandemic, the IT security situation has continued to worsen: The number of hacker attacks has increased by 300 percent and is considered the world’s largest technological risk, according to the World Economics Forum’s Global Risks Report.

For companies, it is therefore a critical success factor to raise security awareness of their own employees. With security awareness trainings you can prepare your entire workforce – especially technology-shy colleagues – for human-based attacks. This also proves to be an important step towards security certification: Further training measures in the area of IT security are among the current ISO standards.

In addition, cyber insurance can usually only be taken out by demonstrating continuous awareness training, which minimizes the financial risk in the event of an emergency.

“Amateurs hack systems, professionals hack people.“

Bruce Schneier, US expert in computer security and cryptography

Security Awareness Trainings with DGC AG

Whether phishing emails, malware or targeted attacks on employees in home office: In our security awareness training courses, we show the ways in which cyber criminals penetrate IT systems and enable your employees to secure the IT infrastructure.

Interactive learning, practical training units and up-to-date expertise of our IT security experts support you in developing a common security awareness. This way you can be sure that everyone in your company understands how cyber criminals operate and where they come in. 

Interactive learning

Our awareness trainings focus on phishing simulations and a versatile e-learning program via an interactive platform in cooperation with SoSafe.

Your employees will receive personalized tasks, which adapt to their level of knowledge. As a decision-maker, you can quickly and clearly monitor their learning progress and where further training is required.

Your advantages at a glance

Security Awareness
Training made in

Flexible e-learning
according to
ISO standard

Measurable learning
progress through

Fully comprehensive
service from our experts

High quality
at fair prices

Maximum security through
servers in Germany

Training modules – flexible and results-oriented

Ensure that your employees turn into a security factor for your company with a wide range of topics and training units. Choose the content of your awareness training individually according to your (industry) requirements – we provide the right offer for every company size and challenge.
From personal training by our security experts, via phishing & e-learning packages in cooperation with SoSafe to the combination of both options, we offer modular solutions.
Our expert tip: For sustainable learning success, the trainings should be continuous. Since cyber criminals are constantly acting and continually changing their attack methods.

  • IT Security Fundamentals
  • Social Engineering – how hackers exploit human IT vulnerabilities
  • Security Awareness – developing a common security culture
  • Know and secure cybercriminal’s targets
  • Top 10 Phishing Trends – current characteristics of fraudulent emails and websites
  • Detecting and dealing with phishing emails (exercises)
  • Developing protective mechanisms against phishing emails
  • Practical exercises for a sustainable cyber awareness

Awareness building:
Maximum learning success with fun

We attach great importance to impart the contents of our cyber awareness training courses in an appealing and practical way. The more your employees enjoy the training sessions, the more sustainable the awareness building will be. In addition to storytelling and interactive quiz offers to check learning success, we rely on gamification. Users complete different levels on the learning platform, collect badges and can observe their own progress.

Goals of the
Security Awareness Training

Security awareness pays off, because nine out of ten attacks start with the human factor. Therefore, every person in the company who completes an awareness training helps to avoid dangerous situations. Employees become more mindful and develop a shared security culture.
By activating their human firewall, our customers ensure effective defense against cyber attacks within a few weeks.


Phishing and Social Engineering

What are phishing emails?

Phishing emails are a scam used by hackers to gain access to sensitive company data. The term is derived from „fishing“, as cyber criminals specifically fish for information. Private individuals or employees of a company are approached through digital communication channels, in this case by email, and their trust is abused. Victims are often lured to external websites via deceptively genuine-looking emails, where they are asked to enter personal access data. The fact that this serves the misuse of data is often noticed too late or not at all.

The consequences of phishing for companies are immense and range from ransomware to loss of reputation. In most cases, the cyber criminals are only interested in enriching themselves.

What are the characteristics of phishing email?

Grammatical and spelling errors, a missing address or a text in a foreign language: There are a few characteristics that quickly expose an email as a fraud attempt by cyber criminals. But the procedure is becoming more and more tricky: Frequently, the emails with which hackers request the release of data look deceptively real. Employees in companies or private individuals, who are usually the target of phishing attempts, find it difficult to evaluate incoming emails. Even IT employees click on infected links of files that may be included in phishing emails.

In this context, the topic of cyber awareness is gaining relevance: Continuous training enables entire workforces to effectively protect themselves and the company against attacks. Ideally, the training is conducted by experienced security experts who know exactly which tactics are used to “phish” for data.

What is Social Engineering?

The term Social Engineering describes a procedure used by cyber criminals to obtain confidential data from companies or private individuals through psychological manipulation.

Human emotions are exploited. Hackers get their victims to divulge information, install malware, or make wire transfers by acting in an authoritarian way, building trust, pressure and fear, but also by fostering curiosity and interest.

Social Engineering is not a new phenomenon: however, in the digital era, hackers have more and more opportunities to target countless victims. It is therefore important for companies to enable employees to defend themselves against attacks through awareness campaigns. 

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