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Trickbot: Warning about possible phishing attacks by hacker group

According to an article by The Hacker News, the Trickbot hacker group is now also involved in the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine by carrying out targeted phishing attacks against targets in Ukraine. These phishing emails are designed to make recipients of these mails fear a nuclear war and also contain malicious malware that would allow a potential attacker to open a backdoor on the target system. This gives the attacker access to confidential data.

Since the Federal Republic of Germany, the EU, as well as NATO are allies of Ukraine, the expansion of phishing attacks to them cannot be ruled out.

Mitigation or measure to avoid a trickbot attack and possible recommended actions.

Our security awareness trainings are effective countermeasures to be able to identify phishing attacks and to increase the general security awareness of the employees.

If you do not yet have a contact regarding security awareness training, DGC’s CDOC team would be happy to advise you on a possible transition.
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