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Warning against the use of Kaspersky antivirus products

Affected Kaspersky products

All Kaspersky products are affected.

Description of vulnerability

In a press release published on March 15, 2022, the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) advises all companies that use Kaspersky products to replace them. The background to this is the ongoing conflict between Russia and the Ukraine as well as the threats against the EU, NATO and the Federal Republic of Germany itself that have already been uttered several times by the Russian side.

Even tough there is currently no evidence of a compromise or immediate threat from Kaspersky products, this may change in the future.

Mitigation or measure to avoid respectively possible recommendations for action

The BSI has not made a recommendation for an alternative at this time. If customers think about replacing Kaspersky, there are two major German providers on the market that customers can fall back on. These are G Data CyberDefense AG from Bochum, with its G Data solutions of the same name and Avira Holding GmbH & Co. KG from Tettnang with its Avira software products.

DGC’s CDOC team would be happy to advise you on a possible transition.

BSI Pressrelease

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