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Cyber Security during the COVID Crisis

DGC Cybersicherheit in der Corona-Krise

We are all affected by this exceptional historical situation – the COVID-19 crisis shows the world its weaknesses. Globally, this opportunity is now being actively exploited by cybercriminals and hackers, because crises and trends are often the basis for manipulation tactics, such as malware attacks, social engineering and phishing.

Cybercriminals seize the opportunity

Currently, it is more important than ever that IT security and critical infrastructure is secured and maintained, as malware reports related to the corona virus are up 475 percent this month, compared to February (source: Bitdefender). Some of the industries that have been particularly affected include government, hospitality, retail, transportation and research.

In particular, it is alarming to hear that the Czech University Hospital in Brno was paralyzed by an extortion Trojan last week.

A great number of employees currently work from home offices, which in many cases have been hastily and provisionally connected to the company’s IT infrastructure. These circumstances not only allow workers to gain access to the corporate infrastructure, but also allow cybercriminals and hackers to gain easy access and thus obtain sensitive data. This creates significant risks for companies, which must be minimized as quickly as possible.

When was the last time your employees at home updated the router that has been in the fuse box for years and through which all the data packets now pass?

Check your IT security and the security of your employees working from home now – for free!

We would like to do our part in this crisis and give all companies the opportunity to use our software® for 30 days free of charge*. In particular, for employees who work from home offices, we recommend using the “Scan yourself” function on our home page. The function automatically scans your own IP address and alerts you to existing security vulnerabilities in your home network. This function can be executed immediately without registration and login procedure. It is the goal of DGC to make the Internet more secure every day. That is why we support all companies with this campaign without exception, because they are all affected and they are all worth protecting.

The employees of our company are still available for you as usual and are working intensively right now to optimize IT security.

In this sense, stay calm, healthy and above all safe!

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