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DGC supports IT security at TSG Hoffenheim

Top performance and a keen awareness of security and cyber threats unite TSG Hoffenheim and DGC. Good reasons for a long-term partnership.

Cyber security concerns us all: Strong partnerships and holistic security concepts against cybercrime have never been more important. Because: Targeted attacks and data espionage threaten critical infrastructures and cost the German economy billions every year. With an innovative 360-degree approach and its own vulnerability scanner® , DGC therefore ensures comprehensive cyber security and IT-related risk management for companies.

The basis for this are strong, modular cyber security partnerships with organizations from all industries. From now on, the German Bundesliga soccer club TSG Hoffenheim is partnering with DGC as well. The security professional will provide the club with holistic support on the topic of cyber security and help to preventively reduce IT risks. Rafael Hoffner, Head of IT / Infrastructure at TSG Hoffenheim, describes the partnership with DGC as another building block in the Bundesliga club’s sustainable and future-oriented IT strategy.

Not a standard response to threats: Customize your security package

Companies that want to know how their business is exposed to cyber threats and how they compare to their competitors in terms of IT security benefit from DGC’s flexible approach – tailored to their needs.

“There is no standard answer to IT threats and potential attacks from the web, because they are constantly becoming more complex. The security concepts of companies should therefore be as diverse as the gateways for cyber attacks,” says Dino Huber, CEO at DGC Germany.

“With a Cyber Security Partnership, companies design their security package according to their own requirements and wishes. From individual products and services to an all-round cyber security package, the modular components from DGC’s portfolio can be flexibly put together.”

DGC’s mission is to provide services and solutions for any company of any size. A concept that TSG Hoffenheim is also convinced of.

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