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Strong alliance for more IT security: DGC cooperates with Cisco

The two leading IT service providers are pooling their expertise to provide customers with comprehensive protection for their IT infrastructure and software systems. DGC and Cisco are thus addressing the growing threat to companies from the Internet.

DGC is pooling its expertise as a leading provider of cyber security and data protection with the know-how and solutions of Cisco. The two IT service providers are joining forces in the fight against threats from the web and creating holistic IT protection for their customers.

Only one in five IT security experts believe they can manage the greatest risks

Implementing information security management is a necessary and important, but not sufficient, building block when it comes to enterprise cyber security. Since there will never be 100% security, security operations management capabilities are essential to continuously minimize the risk of security incidents.

Since only a few companies are able to professionally operate a Security Operations Center (SOC) themselves due to a lack of personnel and knowledge, more and more services from trustworthy partners are required. In line with a SOC, DGC operates the Cyber Defense Operation Center (CDOC), which is unique in Germany.

A Cisco study on IT security shows that this is urgently needed: Almost half of the security technology used in Germany is outdated and poorly prepared for cyber attacks. Only one in five IT security experts believes that they can manage the most important risks for the company.

A higher level of security through the new partnership

As part of the continuous development of the CDOC’s quality of service, DGC and Cisco have entered into a partnership. Modern security operation management makes use, among other things, of the information provided by an “Extended Detection & Response – Platform” (xDR).
One such xDR is Cisco SecureX. The DGC CDOC now has the ability to access all status information from “outside” ( and inside (Cisco SecureX) via an interface, providing a more accurate and up-to-date picture of the situation. This means that DGC’s CDOC works with one of the most advanced xDR platforms, Cisco SecureX, and can recognize and evaluate data in context, thus providing an even higher level of security.

The detection and response to vulnerabilities and attacks is handled by DGC, a trusted partner. “In the course of the current geopolitical developments, we see a strong demand for holistic cyber security solutions from Cisco. Especially for customers from the public sector, the topic has the highest priority” says Jonas Rahe, responsible for the Public Sector at Cisco. “Through our offered interfaces and APIs, we show once again how open our security architecture is. In doing so, we are also making an important contribution to the
debate on digital sovereignty,” adds Michael von der Horst, who is responsible for the Cisco cyber security portfolio in Germany.

“Together, we have developed a solution approach based on the combination of our individual strengths,” explains Dino Huber, Chief Executive Officer of DGC. “At the heart of the partnership, our® vulnerability detection product and Cisco’s Extended Detection & Response platform are two tools that together provide comprehensive protection against a wide range of network threats.” With mutual tool integration, companies can continuously monitor their IT system landscape and close security gaps in a responsive manner. “We are thus offering our customers significant added value in so-called XDR functions that detect cyber security threats and respond immediately. At the same time, Cisco customers have the option of integrating our scanning software directly into existing tools,” says Huber.

Dino Huber - CEO DGC
Dino Huber – CEO DGC

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