Cyber Security Partner­ships –
modular adapted to your needs

There is no standard response to IT threats and potential attacks from the network, because they are becoming increasingly complex. The security concepts of companies should therefore be as diverse as the gateways for cyber attacks. DGC AG relies on a modular partnership model to ensure the highest standards for your IT security.

As part of your partnership with DGC AG and depending on the initial situation and requirements, you will receive an individual cyber security package – and thus the exact products and services your company needs for the continuous monitoring of the IT infrastructure. To protect your highly sensitive data, we rely on trustful cooperation, the highest level of up-to-dateness in our solutions, and a central management portal.

Why having a Cyber Security Partnership?

Cyber security
„Made in Germany”

360 degree security
from a single source

Access to all
relevant tools

for planning IT costs

Fair price-
performance ratio

Better terms
for cyber insurances

Help with cyber attacks – and prevention

If an emergency occurs, we stand by your side as a tactical, strategic and operational ally to provide individual advice and assistance. At the same time, we focus on maximum prevention and establish our high security standards along your company’s entire value chain.

For a comprehensive IT security, we work in accordance with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework – a globally recognized system of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology that supports companies in managing and reducing security gaps.

Cyber Security Partnerships:
Products and services

Do you want to know in which areas your company is exposed to cyber threats? How are you positioned in comparison to the competition in IT security? Or would you like to establish new security standards in the company?
With a Cyber Security Partnership you design your security package according to your own requirements and wishes. From individual products and services to a complete cyber security package, the modular components from the DGC’s AG Portfolio can be flexibly put together:


We identify old and new threats

  • IT infrastructure 
  • IT security / cyber security status quo
  • Cyber scoring of your industry


We sensitize and protect

  • IT security awareness trainings
  • Phishing simulation
  • Trainings for optimal product application


We uncover your IT vulnerabilities

  • Vulnerability analysis an monitoring
  • Simulated hacker attacks (penetration tests)
  • Monitoring of all resources including Cloud


We monitor your IT security

  • Emergency service including Cyber Defense & Operation Center (CDOC)
  • Support in case of IT security incidents
  • Reporting and consulting


We do not leave you alone

  • Full emergency service 
  • Cyber insurance (Tipster)
  • System recovery

Module overview:
Services and solutions for every size


Vulnerability alerts

Cloud cyber security

Automatic reporting (monthly)

Automatic reporting (annually)

Cyber security
certificate & seal


All components of the Light Partnership

Pre assessment

IT security
awareness training

IT inventory

Cyber security
scoring (CVSS)

Manual penetration testing (internal)


All components of the Light & Business Partnership

Manual penetration testing (external)

Phishing campaign

Product training® agent

Incident management


All components of the Light, Business & Professional Partnership

Full assessment

Immediate help with cyber incidents

Security consulting


All components of the Light, Business, Professional & Premium Partnership

Special services
upon consultation

Why are Partnerships
the future?

Time and again, a company falls victim to a cyber attack despite a basically good protection. The reason is usually that the company’s periphery is largely secured, but the interfaces to business partners are not adequately documented and secured. In addition, business partners usually do not maintain the same security standards, which can open gateways for third parties.
In the course of digital transformation and increasing networking, it is critical for success to classify your company’s entire value chain as a cyber ecosystem and to secure it accordingly. With our partnership model, we precisely pursue this process: We help you establish and maintain appropriate cyber security standards with your business partners.

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