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Cybersecurity you can count on

Because peace of mind is everything

How you benefit as a partner

The DGC offers you valuable cybersecurity services as a partnering client. Benefit from our advice, support and assistance when it comes to security incidents. We also establish our tried-and-tested cybersecurity standard along your entire value chain to ensure effective end-to-end hacker prevention.

In the end, the ultimate goal is to continuously keep your cybersecurity ahead of the latest attack situations.

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Threat Situation

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Prevention is the name of the game and essential to giving you peace of mind. This is why we focus on maximum prevention, best-practice processes and a precise overview of your entire IT infrastructure – with the aim to tackle any potential cyber vulnerability you may face.

Our high-performance, efficient and user-friendly® software easily and automatically monitors large and small-scale IT infrastructures alike. This allows our IT experts to inform your IT staff about exactly where the most dangerous points of attack are and how to prioritize them.

Thanks to our continuously growing dataset and the use of artificial intelligence,® is constantly becoming faster, more efficient and more accurate. Our datasets are used for predictive analytics of your security status and serve as the basis for the highest level of our defense strategy: securing and monitoring entire value chains in our SOC (Security Operations Center).


Should prevention not be possible due to a new kind of attack method, we immediately set out to treat the incident. Despite all the measures, there is no such thing as 100% security – making an effective treatment plan essential.

To ensure the best possible risk minimization and the maximum possible protection and security for you as a partner, we offer exclusive cyber insurance that covers any residual financial risk. Our good connections to insurance carriers, as well as our effective interaction between technical and organizational defensive measures, allow us to negotiate exclusive special conditions for you.

What’s more, we handle existing risk factors too. You benefit from our expert advice and support in eliminating and documenting your vulnerabilities, in combating security incidents and in setting up protection along your entire value chain.

Prevention - until cyber security becomes part of your DNA


We perform automated as well as manual assessments of the IT infrastructure, document the state of the art and issue Cyber Score Cards.


We protect your IT infrastructure and raise employee awareness through security awareness training and phishing simulations.


We continuously monitor all resources (including cloud), advise on vulnerability prioritization and perform regular manual penetration tests.


We provide continuous support and advice in all situations. Our Security Operations Center is available 24/7.


We minimize the residual financial risk by helping you obtain adequate cyber insurance. You are also not on your own when it comes to recovering your systems. 

Why are partnership models so valuable with regard to the future?

Time and again, a company that has actually secured itself well falls victim to a cyber attack. In many cases, this is due to the fact that the company's periphery is largely secured with firewalls and the like, but the interfaces to the next business partner are not adequately documented and secured. In addition, the two business partners do not maintain the same security standards, thus opening up gateways for third parties.

It is therefore essential to classify the value chain as an IT ecosystem and to secure it accordingly. With our partnership model, we address precisely this process and help you establish and maintain appropriate cyber security standards with your business partners.

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